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Who we are and what we do

360+ Investments is one of the most successful and high quality online platform for safe and reliable investments. Legally registered in United Kingdom, 360+ was started to provide customers with a beneficial, reliable, and productive template to earn with based on our years of knowledge, experience, and capability of our expert traders and Forex/Cryptocurrency professionals. With a few years of experience in the industry now we have consistently delivered successful and reliable results and performance and a more than stellar trading history that our customers can rely on. 360+ is currently regarded as one of the most expertly run, insightful, and ultimately successful investment firms when it comes to the forex and cryptocurrency industry.

360+ Investments was built as a company based on principles of dedication, flexibility, and insight to the complexities of the market and the needs and expectations of the various types of investors. The process by which we complete our trading is completely transparent, to ensure that our customers always know what is being done and are fully informed to prevent obstacles.
Our governing structure is organised around three major departments:

  • Cryptocurrency Mining Department
  • Forex Department, handling foreign exchange markets
  • Department of Financial investments, handling Risk Estimation, Consulting and Marketing

360+ Investments has a team of the most diversely capable and intensively knowledgeable professionals and experts available, with ample skill, expertise, and experience in Forex trading. Each one of our pros have a committed passion and drive to succeed in their work, as well as a drive to see our firm succeed in all of its endeavors. Our team has been developing their skills and experience in Forex trading for years and has cultivated intricate and innovative strategies, technologies, and methodologies to ensure that our firm is head of the competition and remains separated from the masses. We also have the best Cryptocurrency mining strategies in the world making use of ultramodern facilities and applications to ensure your Cryptocurrency is not only safe but also your investment goals are met. The reason for our success and our positive reputation lies with this committed and diligent team of professionals. 360+ Investments has hired professionals with best qualification, skills and experience to do their jobs with dignity and empathy as our benchmark.

It doesn’t matter if you have extensive experience in the markets or are new to it, Our team is at your disposal to provide you with insightful advice, information, assessments and judgments on the current markets, and on making the right investments for you. It’s our professionals that supply our customers with the perfect solutions and strategies for investment, and what makes us your sole destination for all things investing. If you’re a novice investor then we can provide you with the information and assistance you need to improve and sharpen your skills in the markets. We bring down risk and improve upside, always providing our investors with solid gains.

Our Prestige

Our working process at 360+ Investments is one of comfort, expedience, simplicity, and above all else, safety. Our mission is to act as a catalyst for universal adoption and blockchain innovation. We’ve gotten nothing but positive reviews and feedback from nearly all of our clients, and our prestige and popularity is growing daily. We afford our customers with an investment firm they can completely trust and rely on, and we take steps for each particular client to assure success. Positive and profitable long term cooperation with each client is of the utmost importance for us, so we work diligently to always earn our clients trust and get them the success and profits that they seek. We guarantee you an experience that you will enjoy and performance and results that you will commend.

Our Mission

The mission of 360+ Investments is thus: to gain, and maintain, a position at the forefront of the Forex and cryptocurrency industry. We seek to grow and safeguard the investments of all our clients in a manner that maximises profitability and trust. 360+ provides sterling value and strategies and solutions that are meticulously thought over and developed to provide maximum value and meet your financial goals, FINANCIAL FREEDOM for all investors is our watch word and we make use of advanced techniques like financial leverage to make sure your trades are always on the upside is a volatile or fluctuating market. We work stridently and persevere daily to obstacle free, simple, and always helpful services, on top of the innovative and successful investment strategies and online capability.

Intelligent Risk Management

We also work in an efficient and practical manner to minimise any potential risk or downside and help assure you that your funds are being managed and manipulated with the utmost care and practice. All of our professionals and strategies and goals are aimed at ensuring that your experience, and your results, achieve nothing but the highest levels of success.
We are not only concerned with possible investors, but in the mutual benefit afforded by partnerships as well. One of our primary goals is towards providing benefits and optimal conditions for a significant number of long term private investing partnerships. We work directly with many of the most prestigious and well-known companies and financial institutions in the world. This allows us to maintain a position on the forefront of the markets and to increase prestige in the competitive markets of investing and trading.

360+ Investments provides its clientele and investors with some of the most innovative and insightful strategic investment plans available. The minimum and maximum limits of investing, along with the period of investment and the potential daily profit will vary depending on the specific plan chosen and developed for the client. Each one of our strategies and plans is formulated specifically for each client to align with their wishes and with the optimal position of the markets. You can be as involved as you wish, with the most experienced and skilled of our clients working closely with us to develop strategies. The ultimate goal for our clients is investing to allow you to accomplish any financial and lifetime goals in the future. We look to build a long and lasting relationship with our investors so they know they finally found an investment firm they can trust and that can constantly guarantee them profit.